A little about me! 


I believe there is a fiery mama bear in every mother.

My sister and I can narrate our lives with random songs and Disney movie quotes.  

My "moms night out" consists of: Happy Hour, Delicious Food (Tacos anyone?), and my girlfriends. 

Black and white photographs move me with their timeless simplicity. 

I probably watch way too much reality tv... seriously, way too much.  I then balance my reality tv shows with documentaries about sustainable living and tiny houses. 

I've been told I'm a hippie far too many times to count. 

I believe EVERY child deserves a forever family. Adoption/Foster Care are both very near and dear to me.

I'm a birth junkie. I love birth, respect its process, love to watch it organically unfold. 

I often appear to have a rock solid shell, but really, I'm just a really sentimental mama who adores her 5 babies (who happen to be growing up way too fast.)


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Published Photos in RGVision Magazine Sep/Oct 2017

Published Photos in RGVision Magazine Nov/Dec 2017