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“Norma is amazing! Not only have I seen her in action during the births of others, but I have used her for my own birth as well. Her quiet presence is hardly noticed in the room and yet she captures so many moments up-close. Her work is priceless! She went above and beyond for my family in so many ways! I am forever grateful for the gifts she has given us through her work.” -S. Pompa

The birth of your baby is monumental and is often filled with so many emotions. Whether it’s your 1st or 5th baby, each birth is equally important and I know first-hand that details can become foggy over time.

It can be so healing and empowering to see the details of your birth story.

Immerse yourselves completely in this moment with your baby and let me document this experience for you.

I’m honored to be welcomed into your birth team to document this journey for you.

I never take this responsibility lightly.

Norma, the photos are BEAUTIFUL! We absolutely love them and the coloring of every photo has me swooning. THANK YOU!!
— Kiri B.

Norma Hess Photography-40.jpg
Norma is one of those people that you meet and you can FEEL her kind and positive vibes. Truly one of a kind. She is dedicated and committed to her craft and all of her photography shows it. I HIGHLY recommend her birth photography sessions and her lifestyle sessions are candid and beautiful as well!
— Nancy D.

Fresh 48 Photography

Fresh 48 Sessions are wonderful for families wanting to document their brand new babies without documenting the full birth story.

I will be on-call for your family and meet you at your hospital or birth center within 24-48 hours of your baby’s birth during daylight hours.

These sessions are anywhere from 30-60 minutes and preserve the details of your brand new baby for you to revisit for years to come.

Not only does Norma take beautiful photographs of some of the most important times of our lives, but she’s also full of peace and love and kindness, which was particularly important for me at my newborn photo shoot, when I felt incredibly stressed about trying to get good photos of 4 adults and 3 little ones. Norma has also worked with me when I’ve had special requests, which has been a huge relief after some quite negative experiences I’ve had with other photographers in the past.
Norma almost blends into the background while she photographs some of the most private events, beautifully capturing the love between the people she sees.
— Jen G.

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