How to take better Smart Phone Photos!


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If you are like me, you document many of life's little moments with that handy little phone in your pocket, so I'm excited to bring you a these handy tips to improve those photos today!


1. Find the light! 

Look around your space... find some good, soft, light. If you are taking a photo outdoors, make sure you're under some shade to avoid direct light and harsh shadows. If you are indoors, find some beautiful window light to brighten up your subject's face. Here's a cell  phone photo of my sweet baby standing directly in front of a small window.


2. Focus

Smart phones are so wonderful these days... if you are about to take your shot, make sure you tap your screen to focus on your child or subject. This can be a little tricky when you have a fast moving toddler... so practice a few times when you have a stationary subject and you'll be a pro in no time. Keeping this kiddo in one place was as easy as handing her that slice of watermelon! :) 


3. Forget the zoom.

Forget the zoom option in your phone... get close! When you zoom with your smart phone's camera, you mess with the quality of your photo. So get closer, get down to the level of your littles, and snap away! Your cell phone photos will print so much crisper if you skip that zoom.


4. Skip the Flash!

Your smart phone convinentily has a flash built in but the brightness of this flash can wash out your photos. Sometimes it comes in handy if you are in an extremely dark situation but if you have the option to move to a better lit location, take it. Trust me, the move to the better lit area will be worth it! You will avoid this squinty face too... I don't think she was too happy about that bright light. 


5. Editing!

You've done all the hard work! Woo hoo! You found the light, you focused, and now you want to take that photograph and move to the editing part. I love to use Snapseed to edit my photos. You can adjust brightness, shadows, etc. The app also has some neat built in filters you can use too! With a little tweaking, you can personalize your photo to your style.

If you don't want to add a new app, most cell phones have an "edit" option, play with it. You can always reset to original if your edit isn't turning out how you envisioned it.


I hope you found these tips handy! Sometimes it just takes a little effort to improve the shot you imagined when you picked up your phone. Here's a bonus tip, print & back up those photos. I can't tell you how many times my friends (and myself included) have lost photos due to a phone malfunction or hard drive crash. Keeping albums or prints at home guarantees you'll be able to see those precious photos anytime. (My kiddos love flipping through their baby photo albums!) If you have the option to store files in the Cloud. Do it. You won't regret having them safely stored in case of a technology error. 

Finally, when you want to ensure you're in the shot, contact me for a documentary session. Your babies will always treasure the photos with you in them. Together, we will create a wonderful set of photographs for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come. 

~Norma Hess