Documentary Family Sessions

For every season of Motherhood


Serving McAllen, TX  & The Entire RGV

Think of something you do daily with your littles (or maybe not-so-littles)... baths, story time, bake, play, garden, or craft.

These daily activities might seem small in the moment, but are they really?

Step back, look through your phone... How many photographs are you in? Someone is always behind the camera, and left out of the big picture. 

Family Documentary Sessions are meant to capture the beauty in the every day.

These sessions are unposed, unscripted, and organic. I become part of the background as I capture your family naturally and help you tell your story in pictures. Because, after all, these pictures will someday be what our children will cherish. 

I can spend an hour with you or an entire day. Hourly Sessions & Day In The Life Sessions are available.

Organic. Raw. Beautiful. 

Sessions start at $300. Learn more here.

“Don’t let the mundane moments in life rob you of the beauty of normal that surrounds you.”

— The Book Motherhood Realized