Hospital Newborn Sessions | McAllen, Texas

Are you familiar with Fresh 48 sessions yet? I love capturing births but I know that birth is one of the most intimate moments we experience. With that intimacy, sometimes family's choose to skip the birth session and opt for a Fresh 48 session instead.

I want to take a moment to talk a little bit about Fresh 48 sessions and why you should consider one for your next baby's birth. 

Those first few hours in the hospital/home/birth center are incredible. You have just met your sweet little one and there's so much oxytocin running through your body. Your baby is perfectly fresh, sleepy and new. 

Within the last couple of days, you have experienced one of life's most incredible highs. With time, so much of those busy days becomes blurry and details fade. Your baby will never look this way again. Ever. Isn't that incredible? Newborns change so fast in those first few weeks. 

So here's three reasons to schedule a Fresh 48 today!

1. Your baby's birth day is the first day of forever with your little one. Whether this baby is your first or your last. Your love story with this little human starts now. It's the first time you hear their voice, you smell their sweet breath, and you stare at that tiny face wondering if she has your eyes or he has your partner's features. 

2. It's your perfect opportunity to capture your first "mommy and me" moments. 

3. You can share an artistically edited first baby photo to share with friends and family. These days, so many of us have family all over the world. We share our milestones and updates via social media, text, WhatsApp... etc etc... Make it a beautifully edited photo to send off that amazing birth announcement!

I'd love to chat with you soon! I still have wiggle room in my schedule for a few more Fresh 48 sessions in 2017. Births are booked through February 2018. I'd love to add your love story to my calendar. 

~Norma Hess