First Time Parents!

Induction | Birth at Edinburg Regional Hospital, Edinburg, Texas

Amber contacted me pretty early in her pregnancy. She had a vision of what she wanted to for her growing family and birth photography was a big part of her plans. 

I met her and Adrian at a local coffee shop, we talked a little bit about how this works and shortly after our meet up, we booked her session. I'm so glad she chose to have me present... I absolutely loved getting to know these two beautiful souls! They are kind, spirited and so much fun to be around!

I spent time with them when we shot their gender reveal back in October... we talked about ALL things birth and baby during their maternity shoot in February. (Adrian wasn't too keen on placenta talk... lol)

Then came time to meet their sweet girl...

Oh, how I loved watching their story unfold. There are no words for the amount of love and support Amber had beside her. She bravely took on every wave as her body contracted to bring her baby earthside.

Her mother instinctively knew when to make her daughter smile and when to reassure her... Her husband by her side with a gentle touch to let her know he was right there. They comforted her, they cheered her on and they loved on her through each moment until sweet Annabelle was in her arms. 

It was incredible to witness so much love and support... I'm forever thankful to have been there to document it all for them. I hope they can always look back at their album and know that they make an incredible team. 

I hope baby Annabelle can also take a look one day and see just how much she was loved before she ever took her first breath. 

With happy tears welling up in my eyes, I leave you with their photos and beautiful video of this life-changing day for the "V Family." 

If you would like to document your family's love story, please reach out. I'd love to capture your motherhood moments, whether that's a birth/adoption/or just a typical Saturday morning at home. 


Love & Light,

~Norma Hess