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The beginning of my journey.

There have been many moments in life when I've felt unsure about what to do next. Life decisions aren't always the easiest for me. However, growing up, I always knew motherhood was something I was passionate about. 

15 years ago, I was carrying my first baby. The flutters I felt as he grew within me brought me so much joy. How incredible is the female body??? I was growing a human! I so wish I had learned about birth photography then... When my birth didn't turn out quite like I planned, everything became a blur. I don't recall every detail of that cold December day. I do know that my life has forever changed from the moment I laid eyes on my sweet boy. My heart felt incredibly full of love for this tiny human. He stole my heart. 

Fast forward 10 years... Here comes my love for photography. (I was always trying to document life... I'm pretty sure that love goes as far back as middle school... but I never knew much about this art form.) I've often been the family member with the camera in hand.. but, I picked up my first official DSLR camera as I awaited the birth of my third son, I wanted to devote time to learn more about photography. Mostly because I wanted to document my family's life. As I learned more, I became more and more attracted to a documentary style but I still hadn't found "my calling." 

I took a chance. I reached out to a local friend/photographer. When she asked, "have you ever considered birth photography?" My heart almost skipped a beat. I've spent years learning about birth rights, reading birth stories, learning about how we as a community can help empower women to birth any way they wish to without pressures and interventions. I never thought to tie the two together.

Immediately after having this conversation with my friend, I decided to dive in. Learn more. Take action. Well, here I am. Completely in love with the path I've chosen. Will the journey be easy, I'm sure it won't always be. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. 

I want to freeze these moments in time for families. I know first hand just how precious these moments are and I would give anything to go back in time to have my moments captured. I'm excited to serve my community. If you are hesitant about having a photographer at your birth, reach out to me, I'd love to chat. I can guarantee you will never regret having these memories photographed. Birth is an amazing force and the beginning of a new love story. 

I'd love to learn a little about your beautiful growing family & in turn, provide your with timeless memories. 

~Norma Hess

The birth of my third baby in 2012. 

The birth of my third baby in 2012. 

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