Birth Photography McAllen, TX | Birth of Castiel

Birth Photography McAllen, TX | Birth of Castiel

I had the honor to document baby Castiel's birth exactly one year ago! Happy first birthday baby boy! The moments leading up to his first breath were so beautiful! What better way to celebrate his first year of life than by telling you his birth story in his mama's own words:


Castiel's Birth story I'd like to start by touching on due dates. Can we make it a due month from now on? I think as a pregnant momma that would cause less of a headache. On July 18th 2016, at 40 weeks and 4 days I started having irregular contractions. Just here and there, a few that day. The next day, Tuesday, they increased to being uncomfortable but still not regular. Tuesday afternoon I was extremely uncomfortable, keeping in constany contact with my doula (Brandi Kennedy) and planned to go see the midwife the next day.

Went to see our wonderful midwife (Anna Shields) who checked and said indeed I was 4cm and baby would be here within 24- 72 hours!! Thursday came and went. Friday morning around 10am I contacted my doula unsure if this was IT. Contractions were 5 minutes apart, but wasn't positive because I expected more pain. My birth photographer arrived (Norma Hess) and I was laughing and smiling between contractions. When my doula arrived she suggested a shower to help ease the discomfort and when I got out we quickly realized, yes, it was time to drive to the hospital. My husband drove and by the time we arrived things had progressed much faster.


I walked to the labor and delivery room with my birth team. Brandi applied counter pressure on my back while I answered the multitude of questions. The cervical check was done and they stated I was already at 8cm!! How quickly things went after that bit of knowledge! I had the monitor on my belly, saline lock, but that was all. Contractions seemed almost back to back. Teeth chattering, lots of moaning. Then quickly yelled, "he's coming!".


I always wondered how I would know. To best explain, it felt like an uncontrollable weight was being pulled out, very different from the previous pressures I was feeling. I was standing up, with the birth ball on the hospital bed, leaning over it. I believe the first push broke the water. It took maybe 3 good pushes and he was out! So in less than 3 hours (and 3 days of prodromal labor) our little boy was born. He was passed between my legs and layed on the bed in front of me, as I felt to weak to hold him.


After delaying the cord clamping, dad cut the cord. I laid on the bed, tucked him in my dress I was wearing and just had some wonderful skin to skin bonding with him. It was an amazing experience having a natural birth and took all the fright and anxiety I had previously about childbirth. There were so many endorphins running after that I stayed awake most of that night just watching him or even walking around. I never felt that good before, and to think I had just given birth!


Definitely amazing to have a birth team as well, and I can't thank them enough. Norma Hess, for being there to capture all the moments on film, because everything went by so quick, because its wonderful to look back,or to show my son when he is older. For Brandi Kennedy for being there physically and emotionally reassuring me that I could do this. Of course for my husband, Victoriano Hurtado, for believing in me and supporting my choice of an all natural birth, going to the birth classes with me taught by our doula.

Thank you all so much!! Chenoa Hurtado