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Birth Story: Baby Isla

I had been anxiously awaiting the birth of little Isla for a few weeks. I knew she would be the last birth I'd capture in 2016.

I got a message after 11pm from the attending doula (Sofia at Intricately Woven) letting me know contractions had picked up and were about 4 minutes apart. My heart instantly skipped a beat and I felt so giddy for my client! I knew I had a long drive ahead so I quickly got packing and loaded my gear into my car.


I arrived close to midnight and everyone was wide awake! Family had rolled in from out of town to celebrate the holidays and I could see from all the smiles on everyone's faces, that there was a lot of excitement in the room!



The genuine love and support in the house was immense! Everyone was rooting for mama as she rode the waves of contractions. The room was calm, the tv silently played movies, the midwife monitored from a distance, their doula worked right along with mom and dad as each contraction came and went. After some time in bed, the shower, and the birthing tub, things started to take a slight turn from the birth plan. Phone calls were made and the decision to transfer to our local hospital was made. Changes in birth plans never come easy but this mama handled everything with so much grace. I was in awe of her strength through it all. 


Welcoming her little one was a memorable moment! I'll never forget her sweet first cries and the tears welling in mama & daddy's eyes. The love in their eyes spoke volumes. Sweet baby Isla has an incredible set of parents. 


Welcome to the world sweet little Isla! 

~Norma Hess