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One year ago in May, I got the call to head over to the hospital. Baby Eli was on his way! My friend was induced that Thursday morning and she bravely took on her induction while fighting a case of appendicitis! Her husband stood by her side as she worked through each contraction. It was incredible to watch their connection! 

I'm so drawn to the way partners support each other through labor and delivery. It's such an incredible journey filled with many challenges but when I see that love and support in the room, my heart melts. The birth space can be so intimate... I am incredibly blessed to be able to stand back and capture all of these love stories unfolding. 

That afternoon, my friend was so focused on bringing little Elioenai earth side. I saw her husband pray with her, whisper to her, and support her through each wave. I still remember that day so clearly. Her dim room, her music playing, her dad coming by with his story about his last vacation. I remember the look on her mother's face when she finally brought little Eli earth side and the tears in her husband's eyes. 

There was so much love in that room and little Eli's birth will always be such a special day in my heart. 


and now... it's been a year. Time has flown and this little guy is a ray of sunshine! He is surrounded by so much love from both friends and family... I am beyond blessed to be able to watch him grow.

~Norma Hess

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