Maternity Photos: The M Family

Julia’s Maternity Session

McAllen Maternity Photographer

As we all anticipate the birth of this little addition, we come together to document the connections between Julia and her sweet family.

I first met Julia many moons ago, when I decided to give cloth diapers a go and she had some wonderful prefolds for sale. Who would have known then (almost 6 years ago!) that we would meet again when I documented the birth of her little Sonia.

Almost two years ago, Julia trusted me to join her birth team and document the peaceful homebirth of Sonia. I still recall the way she held her first daughter for the very first time.

Here we are, almost two years later, documenting her journey with baby #4! I find myself feeling so blessed to be joining them as they embark on this journey as a family of 6 soon!

I’m thrilled for her whole family! Having this new little addition is sure going to be an adventure. Here’s a sneak peek of their maternity session.

The M family came by and spent some time in my little in-home studio. The kids laughed, ran around, gave mama some cuddles while I snapped away.

I hope they had as much fun at this session as I did!

Thank you for stopping by the blog today! If you are ready to document this season of your life, I welcome you to message me. We can make that happen naturally and effortlessly.

~Norma Hess

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