McAllen Outdoor Maternity Photography : November Sessions

Maternity Lifestyle Photography: Mcallen Outdoor Maternity Shoot

Maternity sessions! Gahhh! I absolutely loved how excited Susie and Isaac were about meeting their sweet little one on this day. We met up at one of our local parks and chatted about life, babies, and the nerves that come when you are expecting your first baby. 

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In-Home Lifestyle Maternity Photography: Edinburg, Texas

I spent the afternoon in the beautiful country side with Carla & Jorge. Here's a sneak peek of this relaxed in-home maternity session. She is absolutely stunning. 

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McAllen's first exclusive birth photographer!

McAllen's First Exclusive Birth Photographer...

I took a chance. I reached out to a local friend/photographer. When she asked, "have you ever considered birth photography?" My heart almost skipped a beat. I've spent years learning about birth rights, reading birth stories, learning about how we as a community can help empower women to birth any way they wish to without pressures and interventions. I never thought to tie the two together. So immediately after having this conversation with my friend, I decided to dive in. Learn more. Take action. Well, here I am. Completely in love with the path I've chosen. Will the journey be easy, I'm sure it won't always be. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. 

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