Summer Days in the Rio Grande Valley

Candid Family Photography McAllen, TX

If you are located here in Mcallen, TX or anywhere in the Rio Grande Valley, what are you doing to beat the heat? 

Here's a list of free (or low cost) activities we've done to stay cool in this 100 + degree weather. 

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Meeting their sweet new baby soon!

When I first met Amber, she was still pretty early on in her pregnancy and I was thrilled to be documenting her journey into motherhood. Soon, this sweet couple will meet their new baby and I couldn't be more excited for them!

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Backyard fun with toddlers! McAllen Lifestyle Photography

Backyard Photography With 2 year old Abbey!

Many times we feel pressure to post the perfect picture or to have that "cheese" smile showing... but frankly, when you're sitting there reminiscing, it's the candid moments caught on camera that really  bring you back to those lazy Sunday mornings with your toddler. Or in this case, to that random Thursday morning. Where you just let them be little for another day. These days, I've been feeling the pressure to just capture all the moments. I feel like time is slipping through my fingers and these little ones are rapidly growing and leaving those baby days behind.

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