The Big Latch On 2018 | McAllen, TX

The Big Latch On 2018 | McAllen, Texas Latch On Event

Blissful Baby has been the host of The Big Latch On for 6 years now. I can still remember that first Big Latch On event in 2012 when I decided to attend with my little guy. It was so much fun to run into friends there and I got the opportunity to meet Nancy Cavazos who organized the event.

Pictured: Nancy Cavazos & Norma Hess | 2014 RGV The Big Latch On | Photo Credit: UTRGV The Rider Newspaper

The Big Latch On 2014 | (Photo Credit: UTRGV The Rider Newspaper)

I had the opportunity to volunteer for several of the subsequent Big Latch On events and got to meet a lot of wonderful mamas along the way. It's been amazing to meet so many beautiful babies along the way too! 

This year's event took place at the Main McAllen Library on 23rd St and Nolana on August 3rd. Mamas and babies gather for this global event to help raise awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding for everyone involved. For mothers' health, infant nutrition, environmental impact and community support.  

"As a worldwide peer support and community development event, it aims to strengthen national and global support for breastfeeding and to improve the health of children and women around the world."

If you missed the event and would like to participate in future events, remember that August is the month! Blissful Baby usually hosts the event but there are also several other hosts in the RGV. In McAllen, The Lactation Care Center RGV also hosts an event and the ladies there are so sweet and supportive. Now that the event is over, you can still connect with the folks at the Lactation Care Center or our local La Leche League for all of your breastfeeding questions. Another great place to find support is the RGV Breastfeeding Support Group on Facebook. 

Need one on one support? Check out the Resource Page on my website. You can connect with one of our (amazing) local Lactation Consultants and she can come to you! 

To check out all the photos of this year's The Big Latch On event, click here. 

Love & Light,

Norma Hess