Birth Story: Leonardo

Birth of Leonardo | Rio Grande Regional Hospital, Labor & Delivery Photos in McAllen, TX

The birth of Leonardo was eagerly anticipated by his two wonderful parents. Beverly and Jorge met me early in their pregnancy. They had found my work online and expressed how much this little one meant to them and how important it was to document this journey.

Their life was already filled with joy with their son L.A. and now they were so excited to welcome this second little one. We had fun filming their gender reveal a few weeks back. Did you get to check that out? Here’s the link to that wonderful moment!

Time seemed to pass us so quickly and before we knew it, we were all gathered again. This time, surrounded by hospital sounds and in a room filled with love and anticipation.

Beverly calmly took on each wave that brought her closer to baby Leonardo… Jorge lovingly whispered in her ear, made her smile, and reassured her through all her labor. It was such an honor to be present for this moment between them. Documenting their story was a beautiful way to be reminded of how special life and love can be.

Leave this wonderful couple some love in the comments. I’m sure they will see them and be inspired by your words of encouragement as they adjust to life as a family of 4.

Welcome to the world, Leonardo! You are so loved.

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~Norma Hess

Birth of Lucas

Edinburg, Texas birth at The Women’s Corner

Welcome to the world, Lucas!

The Women’s Corner at Edinburg Regional Medical Center | photo by Norma Hess Doula, Photos, & Videos.

On the morning of the 8th, I got a text from Andrea. She was being sent in for an induction and my heart began to race for her. I imagined how excited this first-time-mama was to meet her sweet boy and it was almost time!

Isn’t it incredible how fast time goes? From the moment we find out we’re expecting, to that first appointment with our midwife, to the first ultrasound. It all goes by so quickly. Now here she was, ready to meet her son.

Edinburg Photographer Norma Hess captures a quiet moment before the birth of sweet Lucas. | The Women’s Corner at Edinburg Regional Edinburg, Texas

We stayed in touch for the next few hours and then overnight… things were moving slow and steady. This sweet mama was on the right track to welcome her baby boy.

The following morning, I made my way over to this lovely family and had the best time chatting with everyone in the room. It was so sweet to see sisters bonding while waiting for this little one to arrive. Everyone was in good spirits and ready to meet little Lucas soon.

As labor intensified, the love between Andrea and Jay was more and more beautiful to witness. The way he looked at her was something that I’ll never forget. Becoming parents has a way of bringing couples together. I consider myself so lucky to be able to see these partnerships reach a new level of love as they welcome their babies earthside.

Labor and Delivery Photography by Norma Hess | McAllen Doula, Photos & Video

It was finally time to push, Andrea did an amazing job and Jay got the opportunity to cut the cord. They both soaked up all the details of little Lucas upon meeting him.

Labor and Delivery Photos by Norma Hess | McAllen Doula, Photos & Video

Everyone in the room was overjoyed when this little guy was born. It’s hard not to soak up all that oxytocin in the room in that very moment.

Family rejoices as baby is born! McAllen birth photos by Norma Hess | McAllen Doula, Photos & Video
A grandmother’s love is like no other. Photos by Norma Hess | Candid Family Photos, McAllen, Texas

For a moment, mama needed some attention and was taken over to the OR. Before long, baby Lucas and his mama were reunited for some sweet skin to skin time. There’s nothing more beautiful than the look on a new mother’s face as she gets to meet her sweet baby.

Congratulations F family! Lucas is absolutely beautiful!

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Newborn in-hospital photos by Norma Hess | McAllen doula, photos & video.
Golden hour. The first hour after birth is reserved for parents to bond and fall in love with their new baby. The Women’s Corner in Edinburg honors this very sacred time for parents. Photos by Norma Hess | McAllen Doula, Photos and Video.