Welcoming Twins!

Welcoming Twins at The Women’s Corner in Edinburg, TX

Kim and I got to chat a few weeks back about documenting the birth of her twins in January. This sweet family was patiently waiting to learn whether big sister would have a brother, a sister or both pretty soon.

When you are on team green, the anticipation builds and the excitement in the birth room can be amazing! I can’t imagine how the anticipation felt as they waited for their twins to be born! Two babies!! Ahhh! So much love.

It was truly an honor to witness the birth of littles. Welcome to the world little ones! You have an amazing family ready to shower you with so much love!

It’s a girl! It’s a girl!

Witnessing a little one take their first breath is always so mesmerizing and on this day, it was a double treat. Congratulations S Family! You have such beautiful little girls and I’m sure it will be an adventurous journey ahead for y’all! It’s been an honor to document your journey.

If you are hoping to document your family’s story, I’m here to help! I’d love to help you get in the frame mama.

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~Norma Hess

Hospital Newborn Sessions | McAllen, Texas

I want to take a moment to talk a little bit about Fresh 48 sessions and why you should consider one for your next baby's birth. 

Those first few hours in the hospital/home/birth center are incredible. You have just met your sweet little one and there's so much oxytocin running through your body. Your baby is perfectly fresh, sleepy and new. 

Within the last couple of days, you have experienced one of life's most incredible highs. With time, so much of those busy days becomes blurry and details fade. Your baby will never look this way again. Ever. Isn't that incredible? Newborns change so fast in those first few weeks. 

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McAllen Fresh 48 Photography | DHR Session With A Beautiful Baby Boy

McAllen Fresh 48 Photography | Session with sweet baby Isaac at Doctor's Hospital at Renaissance

Fresh 48 sessions are always a joy to capture.

"My Cup Runneth Over" is a quotation from the Hebrew Bible (Psalm 23:5) and means "I have more than enough for my needs." When I get to spend time with a new baby, this is the expression that comes instantly to my mind... Their soft skin, wrinkly fingers and toes, and sweet little cries always bring back all the feelings from the days when I held my own little loves. These sessions leave me filled with love and nostalgic memories of my own little loves.

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